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Pencils and Notebooks


Setting an example for children of how adults can work together in a professional and respectful way, even when they disagree

Championing strong academics, career and technical education

Ensuring a safe learning environment, including order and discipline on buses and in schools:

• It is of paramount importance that our students, teachers, and staff are safe in our schools and on our buses. As a school board member, I will call for the district to conduct a comprehensive audit of the discipline processes at all schools, report the findings to the community, and make process improvements where needed.

• Serious disciplinary situations are taking place in our schools on an all too frequent basis, and parents feel that MCPS has lost its focus on safe schools for students, teachers, and staff. As a school board member, I will have an open door policy that encourages parents to come to me with their specific concerns about disciplinary issues and I pledge to make a call for action to district administration regarding those concerns.

• MCPS needs to adequately staff athletic trainers at our schools who can support our student athletes at practices and competitions to ensure a safe and physiologically appropriate school athletic program. As a school board member, I will evaluate and prioritize the hiring process to fill these positions.

Retaining our teachers and staff:

• Knowing and seeing what teachers and staff do is necessary for retention. As a school board member, I will be present in the schools on a regular basis to know and see our teachers and staff.

• Teachers and staff feel they lack an outlet to have their voices heard by district administration. As a school board member, I will have an open door policy that encourages teachers and staff to provide me with their feedback so I can be their sounding board and earn their trust to express their concerns to district administration as my own.

• In a time when funding is a major concern, we must find additional non-monetary ways to make teachers and staff feel respected and valued. As a school board member, I will work to actively identify and implement those initiatives, including eliminating unnecessary and repetitive paperwork and meetings to free up teacher time for the crucial things that actually matter for student impact.

Protecting the rights of parents as the primary decision-makers in their children’s lives:

​Parents serve in the primary role when it comes to raising their children. As a school

board member, I will advocate for the following for parents:

• Transparency from school personnel regarding information on the education and physical and mental health of their minor child

• Transparency from school personnel regarding the materials being used in the education of their minor child

• The right to ask questions regarding their minor child’s educational experience

Serving the parents, students, and employees of MCPS by listening, communicating, and being YOUR advocate and YOUR voice on the board!

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